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Welcome to PolicyPitch.com!

(originally posted August 24, 2008)

We are so excited to finally launch Policypitch.com! The site has been in development for months. Policypitch.com aims to bring the power to change your surroundings—from local policy to introducing new ideas in your community—to the people who live in these communities. By providing the tools to take action, members will exploit the wisdom of the crowd to change their neighborhoods.

Policypitch presents an opportunity to improve meaningful civic engagement and participation. As the internet has evolved, so has democracy. We see Policypitch.com as a true advancement and real compliment to the democratic process.

More Changes are coming! We are working hard every day to update and improve the tools and services. There are a lot of new, exciting developments in the works—so check back frequently! And please email us if you have any suggestions. I also want to thank Anthony Cole at Blutique and Mohit and the Esst Team for helping to get this off the ground.

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