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Welcome 2010: iPhone app Election Hub & new site

Welcome, 2010!  It’s been a while since the last post, and the PolicyPitch team has been busy working on several new initiatives!

First, we want to announce the release of our first iPhone application: Election Hub! Election Hub includes up-to-the-minute stats, facts, news and notes on each New Orleans 2010 Mayoral and City Council candidate. Features include candidate bios and platform stances, incoming news articles, campaign finance reports, and twitter feeds.  Election Hub also features an interactive community section where users can comment and sound-off on the candidates, campaign spending, platform stances, and news.  Additionally, Election Hub polls the app’s users once a week on who they would vote for in the Mayoral race.  DOWNLOAD the app for FREE.

Election Hub was launched as a joint venture between PolicyPitch and Susco Solutions.  Susco Solutions is one of the premier mobile development and software companies in the South.  Susco’s expertise and responsiveness was fantastic at all levels.  Check out Susco’s take on Election Hub’s development.  More information on Election Hub here.

Second, the re-design of the PolicyPitch site has been underway for months and is FINALLY nearing completion.  The new site will feature a streamlined look and simplified navigation; easier tools to pitch your policies, the ability to contact local elected officials, and all of the legislative bills from Arizona, California, and Kentucky (with Louisiana coming very soon)!  Shortly thereafter, we will have all of the bills filed by legislators in all 50 states!

Third, check out the “If I Were Mayor” platform developed by HumidBeings.com in partnership with PolicyPitch and Engage Nola.  IIWM allows citizens of New Orleans to post policy ideas for the Mayoral candidates and vote on those ideas!  Check it out.

Overall, this has been a fantastic few months and a great start to 2010!

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June-July Updates

Things are moving along at PolicyPitch.com!

Among the biggest news, we were selected and honored by New Orleans City Business for The 2009 New Orleans Innovator of the Year!  We were selected as a top honoree from hundreds of submissions.   The final selection will be in late September.  We have our fingers crossed!

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April recap: gaining momentum

April was an exciting month for the Policypitch team!  Our first legislative bill was pitched by a Louisiana state legislator, we made it to the finals of the Tulane Business Plan Competition, made a splash in the press, and continued development of our new platform!

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Social Actions Round-Up #24: Government Enters Social Media for Social Change Movement

Originally posted by Peter Dietz and our friends at Social Actions on February 5, 2009.

As a child of the 80’s (okay, very late 70’s), I am used to government having very little (if any) involvement in technology driven initiatives (outside of the military), and certainly not technology for a purpose.

Enter the Obama Administration. Suddenly, there’s a Director of Citizen Participation and a Department of Social Innovation. Woah! This round-up just touches the surface: mentioning the appointment of a former Google executive to the Obama administration, highlighting the Utah senate’s use of social media, and drawing attention to the Republican party’s efforts to leverage crowdsourcing (Obama-style).

The effects of government ‘getting it’ are going to be huge. At Social Actions, we’ll be keeping an eye on how these stories develop.

Below is the Social Actions round-up covering the period January 21, 2009 to February 2, 2009.

News Roundup

Recent Discoveries

Social Actions News


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Policypitch January Roundup

January 2009 was an exciting month for Policypitch.com!

New pitched ideas:

January Web Stats:

  • 1,063 unique visitors.
  • 2,261 visits.
  • Over 19,000 page views.

Other important info:

  • Two new team members joined Policypitch:   William Kelleher and Preston Emory.
  • 10 new blog posts.
  • Titter account launched!  Check us out @policypitch.com
  • Site re-design underway!  New features include legislative tracking, real time statutory editing, collaborative tools, constituent management system, and more!   Please give us feeback on what you want!

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Follow us on Twitter: @policypitch

Policypitch.com is now on twitter!   twitter.com/policypitch

Follow us for the latest news feeds, blog posts, new local policy ideas, and policypitch website updates!  Help us get to 100 followers by the end of the week! (currently at 37).

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PolicyPitch is growing!

PolicyPitch.com welcomes two new members to the team!

Will Kelleher of Braddie Bratatie and Preston Emory have both joined the PolicyPitch team!  Mr. Kelleher has experience in marketing, PR, and design and has worked in several startups on the west coast.  Mr. Emory has experience in programming, software design, and web development, and is currently pursuing a computer science degree from UNC.

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