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Hello everyone, welcome to the new version of PolicyPitch.  Our team has been hard at work over the past several months to update the design and add lots of new features.  We asked our users what you wanted and we hope the new site will deliver that.  Having said that, I’d like to update you with our new features.

The new site is more focused on legislation transparency than before by extracting legislation information from Arizona, California, and Kentucky so that all of the political actions are visible. The main holdover from the previous version is the ability to pitch your own policy in any community you want.  You can vote for or against any policy on its detail page by clicking on the buttons in the top right corner.  You can get email notifications on any update by tracking policies, politicians, categories, and users.  A full tutorial of the website can be seen on the How It Works page

We’re really excited about the new version.  We hope it makes it easier to navigate and encourages people to pitch their own policies, vote, and make comments.  Let’s start bringing the power to the people in your community!

T. Smith

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The new State Department jumps in fast with web 2.0

From Chris Lefkow in Washington | February 23, 2009,

BARACK Obama out-duelled Hillary Clinton on the web during their battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

But Secretary of State Clinton is giving President Obama a run for the money in the latest web 2.0 sweepstakes.

The former first lady has taken to digital diplomacy with a vengeance, contributing to DipNote, the slick State Department blog, and soliciting questions from the public online, a feature called “Ask the Secretary.”

She also has her aides firing off updates — more than 1000 so far — on the @dipnote feed on micro-blogging service Twitter and posting photos on the State Department Flickr page at

In addition to longstanding websites and, there is an official State Department YouTube channel at and a State Department Facebook page which instead of friends has “fans.”

Ms Clinton is not just using the web for public diplomacy.

One of her first acts after taking office was to create an internal State Department website, “The Sounding Board,” to solicit feedback from department staff, who have the option of posting anonymously if they prefer.

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crowdsourcing policy and the national agenda for conservatives:

While Obama’s followers now have the opportunity to influence policy using new, citizen-driven agendas at sites that aim to crowdsource policy and increase citizen participation in governance, conservatives now have the same opportunity with the launch of  Rebuildtheparty applies the crowdsourcing approach to government 2.0, allowing people to pitch and suggest ideas for the Republican party.   The top two leading voter ideas are  “Enacting the Fair Tax Plan” and  “Reach out to Ron Paul and the Campaign for Freedom.”  The site is a network of grassroots activists for the Republic party, and it already has 6 Republican party officials who have endorsed their 10 point action plan to strengthen the republican party (including: Saul Anuzis, Michigan GOP Chairman; Ken Blackwell,Former Ohio Secretary of State; Mike Duncan,Current RNC Chairman;Chip Saltsman, Former TN GOP Chairman; and Michael Steele, GOPAC Chairman).

Check it out at:

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