3 responses to “Utah Senate a leader in transparency, government 2.0, and social media

  1. RC

    Thanks for the mention. We’re with H.D. Thoreau: “The government governs best that live streams. And governs least.”

  2. with a male dominated socity and legislature, it is know wonder that “conservative utah” is no longer conservative anylonger. it has fallen so far behind in time, that time did not exist. last in the nation in funding for education, last in support for after school youth programs, 1st in prison population that can not read, and 1st in nation on collage entrance scores. when asked by the uea and jea if any of the house would take the ubsct test, that all students must pass to graduate from high school all declined. with the good ole boy mentality on the hill, they can care less about the needs of utah, citizens, but more on patting themselves on the back. maybe if some, men had received more nurturing, they would not act as if they had to much testosterone, and really act like a real “MAN” should. by the way does anyone know how i can find out how, and who voted on the canyons and jordan district voting results?

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